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Introduction of the Amethyst Fantom Staff

Published on 19 January 2021 at 15:35

How to Find the Crystal that is ‘Ripe’ for You and how to connect with its energy and consciousness.

Welcome to Co-convening with Crystals a new blog that shares how I, Lorna Collins, am guided to co-convene with crystals. Co-convening with Crystals is called so because all the healing, attuning and energy work I do is actioned through co-operation, communing and collaboration with consciousnesses. There is nothing to create because all is already created. There is only to choose to align with the desired vibration in order to manifest into being on every level. Crystal consciousnesses are amazing manifesters. They are amazing healers. They are wise. They have limitless qualities. They may show us so much that we have forgotten.
In this blog I will be co-convening with a crystal that arrived ‘special delivery’ to me and with a Crystal Master guide who arrived with the crystal. Both the crystal and Crystal Master will help me to remember how to co-convene with crystal consciousnesses in the way I have before in Lemuria and other time space.


How to find the crystal for you.

The key to finding the crystal that will serve/suit/resonate with you is to first attune yourself to crystal power. You may start by searching for a crystal that holds the power you wish to manifest. What if you have no idea what crystal is ideal for you?

You can begin by using your own power of attraction. Put out the focused thought: ‘I find the ideal crystal for me ripe now.’ ‘Ripe now’ meaning that in this divine now moment a crystal for you will have reached the ripeness of its readiness to align with you and you with it. You may then wish to go to a store or to an online shop and virtually or otherwise run your hands through a ‘basket of crystals’, you will find a crystal that will ‘stick’ to you. Or you may feel the energy of the crystal leap out at you from the webpage.

I didn’t do that to find this beautiful Amethyst crystal staff with a phantom (see below) but I have used this method successfully before when buying crystals for others, and when seeking other healing and supporting crystal consciousnesses. So, I know this method really works a treat!


How to connect with crystal consciousness.
To begin this blog I am called to share with you how I co-convene with the consciousness of this very amazing crystal. I began by connecting to the crystal. I did this by holding it in my left hand, putting my right hand over it, so it is clasped between my hands. Open your palm chakras when doing this really helps. Palm chakras are for energy manifestation, transmutation, and utilization so they receive energy from crystals and the universe and channel this into another energy field. The purpose of activating your palm chakras is so that your palm sensors may fully connect to the crystal. Connecting to the crystal will work without your palms being activated and with your palms open you’ll experience a deeper, richer connection. When I connected with Amethyst staff, I was able to hear the name of the consciousness which resided within, the name was Langelolien. Their name comes from the soul/consciousness who last connected/activated with the crystal. In this case I asked if I needed to release any of Langelolien’s energy and heard that yes there was energy of this soul that might be released and returned to them. I released this energy, asking that all energy of Langelolien which may be returned to them be returned in peace, love and grace.

My Crystal Master, teacher and guide, Sayba, also suggested that I Invite a clearing of the crystal. Which I did through my intention. I ask ‘Please clear this crystal and return all energies which no longer serve it to their origins in peace, love and grace. Please recharge this crystal with the energy that is ripe for its highest wellbeing and the wellbeing of all. So be it.’ I was then guided to leave Langelolien on the window sill to recharge in the sun.

The intention of this blog is to share about my explorations with Langelolien (for that is the name I shall use for this Amethyst staff) and with Sayba. Together we will explore the codes and information held by the crystal, and I will practice and polish my mastery of working with crystals and all the wisdom they possess. The crystal codes contained within Langelolien were placed there for a purpose. Together we will discover their purpose.


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