I am Helena van Ruyven, Professional Energy Coach,  and I work with healing en meditation techniques with Highly Sensitive Persons (adults and adolescents) and have 15 years of practice. All my work is guided by crystals.

I am grateful to work with Highly-Sensitive people. They are mostly the ones who are the changers of the world and bring new perspective on old systems. We work together to integrate sensitivity in work-life balance by anchoring your energy and restoring your pillar of light.  

I believe crystals can guide you home to who you are. They are carriers of  great healing powers! To connect to the energy of crystals can be a life changing experience! 


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Different courses on House Clearing and Personal Clearing by Eric Dowsett, 2011.
Meditation, transmissions, and awareness training by Kerntraject, Amersfoort, 2009-
Professional Energy Coaching, at Hermitage in Amersfoort 2006-2009.
Reiki I, II, Practitioner 2003, 2004 at Tona Wong Chung and Reiki Institute Amsterdam.
Post doctorate Social Sciences at International Association of Social Studies in Haarlem, The Netherlands, 1997-1999.
Working experience as a law consultant at Langhenkel Organisatieadvies. 1992- 1997
Zenmeditation at Rients Ritskes, Utrecht and Denmark 1991-1995.
Master degree in Dutch Law of the University of Groningen 1984-1991.


Robin Groeneveld

Crystal master,  crystal healer,  personal coach on business transformation and human changes  at Aberkyn consultants. www.helderinzicht.net