I am Helena van Ruyven, Professional Energy Coach. Although I am a lawyer by background, I am also trained as a Mastering Your Energy & Crystal Coach and have worked for over 20 years with a wide variety of people, such as highly sensitive youngsters and business leaders in facilitating deep and lasting change. I am co-founder of Helder Inzicht a company founded in 2010, which focusses on individual and group work around mastering your energy and working with crystals. To guide people in mastering their energy we provide individual healing and meditation sessions, and we facilitate programs in dealing more effectively with your energy, creating conscious impact and connecting with the Universal energy field.

I believe crystals can guide you home to who you are. They are carriers of  great healing powers! To connect to the energy of crystals can be a life changing experience! 



Robin Groeneveld

Crystal master,  crystal healer,  personal coach on business transformation and human changes at Aberkyn consultants. www.helderinzicht.net