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Living with Crystals offers workshops to explore the world of crystals, crystal healing sessions, crystallising your home or workspace sessions and we sell unique high vibrating crystals. So it doesn't matter if you feel attracted to the colours & the shapes of the crystals or you would like to energise your home/ office with the energy of crystals or would like to heal yourself, it's all possible. In our courses we guide you to explore the world of crystals: how to connect and open up to crystals, how to clean crystals and how to work with crystals. We only sell high vibrating unique crystals, cleansed and energised. Call us for more information or make an appointment to experience our collection in our "Crystal Oasis".

Robin & Helena                  


Throughout thousands and even millions of years, Mother Earth has compressed the energies of the earth and the cosmos into the crystals. Since the crystals are made by universal powers, they carry the energies and the consciousness of the Universe. The moment you open yourself to the loving & powerful energies of the crystals, you are able to connect to a wide variety of healing and empowering energies. “ The deep energies of crystals have overwhelmed me. In connection with me, the crystals reveal all the secrets of the Universe. It makes me humble and silent” (Reflections after crystal course - Robin Groeneveld).


"I feel attracted to the colours of crystals but thanks to the course I feel more connected to the energy and trust my intuition to choose the right crystal in the right moment for my own well-being" (participant of a crystal course).