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crystallising your space

Revitalising your living/ workspace with personal crystals and space clearing (Eric Dowsett -Method).


We make a plan for your house or work space as desired. It depends on the environment you want to create for the perfect energy that will surround you in your personal space or your work space.  The crystals we provide are special crystals with high-vibrating-energy! 


It contains the following steps:

  • a space clearing to clear the whole area from disturbing energies  such as, geopathic fields and electrosmog,   
  • a personal clearing to clear all the energy blockages in your own energy system, 
  • choosing and buying the crystals
  • aligning meditation connecting the crystals with your space
  • finding the right constellation of crystals in your space.


Pricing 500 euro excluding VAT and Crystals.

More information: Robin 0031-654265426 or robingroeneveld@me.com