crystallising your space

Iluminate your living space with personal crystals


We make a plan for your house or work space as desired. It depends on the environment you want to create for the perfect energy that will surround you in your personal space or your work space.  The crystals we provide are special crystals with high-vibrating-energy! 


It could contain one or more of the following products:

  • a house clearing to clean  the whole area from negative energy from beings or coming from electric magnetic fields, geopathic fields and electrosmog,   
  • a personal clearing to clear all the negative energy of the family members, 
  • aligning meditation connecting the crystals to the family members, 
  • balancing the energy with crystals, which are  already in your house or balancing the energy with crystals, which we will select together. 
  • we can provide the crystals you select.