Workshops in our garden in the centre of the Netherlands

Our garden and our work space are balanced with crystals. This gives the area a relaxed and clear atmosphere for working and living. This also has a positive effect on those who came for workshops or healing . All workshops will be in English or Dutch, depending on the participants.

Workshop day 1: exploring the world of crystals


  •  Connecting and opening up to crystals
  •  Selecting crystals
  •  Creating a personal field with crystals
  •  Cleansing crystals

A one day training  is 10-00-17.00h near Amersfoort. 
150 euro ex VAT and  including drinks and  vegetarian lunch. 


Workshop day 2: working with crystals in daily life


  • Special crystals selection
  • Crystal  meditation
  • Working with crystal grids for groups
  • Working with crystals for healing

A one day training is 10.00-17.00 h near Amersfoort

150 euro ex VAT and including drinks and vegetarian lunch. 


New available: a three hour online workshop!

Apply: via email to

Price 75 euro.