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We only select crystals with a high vibrating energy. They are very well equipped to guide, heal and support you. We can tune in and help you with the selection of a crystal to use for balancing the energy of your house or office. The crystals on the website are for sale.

So if you are called to a specific crystal, email us (helenavanruyven@icloud.com or robingroeneveld@me.com ). You can either come to collect your crystal in our crystal space or we can send them worldwide.

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Inner Source Lemurian is a spiritual name given to a newly found beautiful Lemurian from Goias Brazil. They are very clear, transparent, some with a golden glow. Their vibration is very high, but because the crystal contains so much love, it will dose the energy to what you can handle. This unique crystal also contains high bioscalar waves that bring healing at all levels simultaneously. A bioscalar wave is a static energy that arises when two electromagnetic fields interact from each other and neutralize each other. This has a direct effect on cell tissue on a microscopic level, creating a healing balance. The Inner Source Lemurian is also connected to the earth, so ideal as a connecting tool between you and your original being that is in the cosmos, but also with all the beings of Light that are there. "Disabled" means : no online payment possible but only available by invoice.

Sacred Heart Crystal is a combination crystal of Agnitite, Golden healer and Mary Magdalene Quartz. This Master crystal gives acces to the flame of Divine Love in the centre of our heart and higher heart. This Stone awakens the light in your heart . It increases the power of Love, Self- love and the love for others. The stone gives passion and courage for the expression of unconditional love. This crystal is connected with the gentle and loving energy of the Divine Feminine of Isis, Mary and Quan Yin. They have a cleansing and healing effect on the soul and the lightbodies. They help you release old patterns that no longer serves you and connect you with your highest being. This crystal radiates into your cells en learns you thåt love is the key to heal your soul and body. It helps us remember that we our divine creators in a fysical body and helps us to create the New Earth.

10x8 cm
"Disabled" means : no online payment possible but only available by invoice.

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