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What type of crystal is Langelolien

Published on 18 February 2021 at 15:44

20.01.2021  What type of crystal is Langelolien?


Sitting today with Langelolien and Saybaa (who has offered a spelling correction of their name and a reminder from Saybaa that there is no gender amongst Crystal Masters that I, as an incarnated human, would understand it). All Crystal Masters have names which are vibrational.


From Saybaa, there is more to say about connecting with crystals. Crystals are group consciousnesses, that is, each individual crystal shares a group consciousness between all crystals of that structure. Amethyst is a quartz structure. The consciousness of quartz is that of a master healer and quartz is the largest crystal family on this planet. Quartz has a simple atomic structure which creates a stable and reliable vibrational core. Different types of quartz have different vibrations which range from Earthy (low) to exceptionally high according to type.

Fact: Amethyst is a variety of quartz and its chemical makeup is composed of silicon dioxide. Quartz is formed in lava, specifically when gas bubbles become trapped, allowing crystals to form inside the cavities created by the bubbles. When the cavities are filled with a silica-rich liquid, crystals begin to form within volcanic rocks.

These purple stones are unique in that they often grow in huge geodes, which are rocks that appear plain on the outside, but actually are filled with crystal gemstones. Amethyst geode formation is a trait that differentiates the stone from other gems such as white diamonds, which do not form geodes. The gems inside these geodes follow a six-sided pyramidal crystal structure.

Amethyst Structure Hexagonal Pyramid


What does quartz do?

Quartz purifies and amplifies energy in harmony with the individual using it. And yes, if the individual using it has an energy field which is out of balance, the quartz will amplify it. High vibrational crystals, like Langelolien work at the soul and multidimensional levels. 


As a stable energy, Amethyst is ideal for holding programmes for a long time. It also radiates its energy to dissolve outgrown mental programme and karmic seeds, ‘trace elements’ carried over from another lifetime. It is also known that quartz opens the third eye chakra and attunes to soul purpose, filtering out distractions, enhancing meditation and visioning.  There are many kinds of quartz.


Langelolien is a long uncut Amethyst with a phantom in the tip. It radiates a beautiful energy. When I first held Langelolien I felt an enormous flood of energy flow from it. Now I have cleared it, the energy feels different, somehow more intense and sweeter.


As I sit here now, Langelolien’s energy makes an immediate connection with my third eye chakra, crown chakra and transpersonal chakras. There is also a clear link to the violet ray of transmutation, or what some of you might know as the Violet Flame which is spiritual energy, corresponding to the high frequency of violet light. It is the coalesced spiritual energy of love, mercy, justice, freedom and transmutation. The use of this spiritual energy is taught by the Ascended Master Saint Germain.


What is a Phantom?

In the tip of Langelolien is a phantom. This is a crystal which is smaller, ghost-like growing within the larger crystal. The phantom in the tip of the crystal ensures that those connected to it can continue to grow, meaning that Langelolien is a crystal that has an evolving consciousness, linked to the ever expanding consciousness of Phantoms represent blockages that need to be cleared.


The information I received from the supplier of Langelolien about Amethyst was this:

These unique, uncut long tips with a phantom in the tip act like a magic wand, sending the powerful energy of the stone out through the tip. But the stone also radiates fantastic energy in its entirety. If you tap them gently together, they sound like beautiful Lemurian lasers, so also great for sound healing.


Amethyst wand with phantom are powerful healing tools. Amethyst is a powerful purifying and protective high vibration spiritual stone that is connected to the third eye, the crown chakra, the higher etheric chakras and the violet ray of transformation. It connects you to your own divine origin, stimulates thinking, clear faculties and intuition. He helps you to gain deeper insights and the causes of life experiences. Amethyst stimulates you to take responsibility for your reality by reminding you of your relationship with the cosmos, the higher being that you are and with which you create everything. Amethyst makes you relaxed, which is necessary for attuning to your higher self, making it very suitable for meditation. He calms your thoughts and gives inner and mental peace. He protects against psychological attacks and converts them into love. It also purifies the aura, has a calming effect and blocks negative energies and geopathic stress, helping you to build an energy shield, a field of spiritual light around the body. Amethyst helps you make decisions, promotes common sense and spiritual insights, dispels anger, fear and anxiety, and relieves sorrow and sadness. If used intensively, rinse it occasionally under running water. The stone promotes higher states of consciousness and helps with insomnia. It is beneficial for pain, headache, nightmares, anger, fear, grief, lungs and skin problems. The phantom in the tip of the crystal ensures that you can continue to grow. Phantoms represent blockages that need to be cleared.

It also symbolizes the countless lives of the soul. It allows visits to the state between lifetimes to discover your current soul plan and helps you travel to many dimensions, or to your core. Phantom quartz makes you aware of your own divinity. It reconciles you with your dark sides and helps heal the physical body through the etheric blueprint. Towards the bottom, the points are Smoky Quartz. Smoky quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and purification stones in existence. The stone purifies the aura and the energetic systems, just like a bunch of sage does. Very good to get floating people on earth, so that they can fully function as a physical being. This protective stone has a strong bond with the earth. When you work in the higher worlds, smoky quartz helps you get back into your body. It also helps ground spiritual information. It absorbs geopathic and electromagnetic smog, aids in excretion and detoxification at all levels and fills the room with a positive vibration. Good for stress, anxiety, burnout, depression and gives emotional peace. Provides acceptance of the physical body. Helps with performance anxiety and cleans the mind for meditation. Smoky quartz offers protection against negative energies and can absorb and transform them almost indefinitely. Very beneficial for ailments of the abdomen, hips and legs. Relieves pain, including headaches. Relieves cramps. Smoky quartz can also be used against the negative effects of radiation, for example when you have been exposed to radioactive material, have undergone radiotherapy, or have had to deal with electromagnetic fields. This particular crystal significantly increases the transmission of light and information between the higher regions and the Earth and can be used for etheric surgery.


Co-convening with crystals 27.01.2021


Calling on Saybaa and Langelolien to be with me now and connecting with Langelolien (amethyst) crystal.

Immediately I have a headache on the right side of my head. I ask what is this, what is causing this pain?

The pain shows a blockage, I hear as the answer.

What is causing the blockage please?

There is energy trapped there which is blocking the flow of chi through your physical and emotional fields.

How may I clear it?

Place me, Langelolien behind your right ear and open your ear chakras, - immediately the pain goes – now ask that any crystals in your body that no longer serve you are removed, released with Grace Elohim.


Breathe in light to the space left by removing the crystals.

How many crystals are there please?

How many do you sense.

I sense a few. One in my physical body in my head by my right ear. One in my emotional body in the heart area. And three in another field beyond my body, etheric I think, yes etheric level near my right side.

Ok well done. Fill your field with light.

Yes I am doing that right now.

Now place me beside your liver on the right side.

Yes. It feels very cold.

It will do

What are you doing?

Your right side is inflamed. We are easing it. The cooling feeling is healing going on.

My right side now hurts.

Yes it will while the healing goes on.

What is the problem with my right side?

Your field has a great deal of stuck energy in your intestines and in the organs on your right side, gallbladder, liver, from processing toxic energy.

Is this from my toxic energy or the energy of others.


Thank you. How may I resolve this?

We shall work on it together for the next few weeks until has been fully released and your energy flow is returned to ideal.

Thank you.

You are most welcome.

I’m yawning now.

Yes that is release of energy.





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